Augmont Gold

SSK has partnered with Augmont Gold, India’s no. 1 Gold Platform which is a one-stop solution for Gold. With this partnership SSK will provide a secure option to the unserved and underserved customers to purchase gold /silver coins and jewellery at an affordable rates.

Our Plans :-

Physical Gold - SPOT
Customers pays the full amount for the item which is available at a market price (which changes in fix intervals of 15 mins) and gets the product in 14 days

Physical Gold - EMI
Cost of the Item changes every day. Customer books the item and pays the amount in EMI and gets the product after 14 days/final Emi

Digital Gold - SIP
Customer can place order for monthly SIP starting at Rs 500/- for Digital Gold/Silver by visiting nearest BA Center. Customer can sell Digital Gold/Silver anytime at market price after visiting BA Center. Customer gets the payment into his bank account.

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